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101 Nano Fuel Additive


  • Compatible with all types of gasoline fuels
  • Cleans the injections & ignition systems while preventing being lacquerished. Does not cause any damage on catalitic convertors
  • Fastens the first ignition.
  • İncreases the engine outcome power, fuel octane & provides saving on fuel consumptio.
  • Prevents the corrosion & oxidation in fuel injection system.
  • Prevents the water occurrence in fuel tank. Removes the water which had been occured buy absorbing and burning.


Available for all types of vehicles which is gasoline engine powered. Add the whole product in a box into the fuel before filling tank. 1 box of “101 Gasoline Additive” is added for 50-60 lts. into tank.


10 Ağustos 2016
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