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101 Nano Boron Synthetic Oil Additive



• Provides Maximum fuel savings .

• Provides an increase in engine power .

• Prevents overheated .

• Reduces oil consumption .

• Extends engine life .

• Reduces vibration and decreases ambient noise (dB ).

• Regulates the temperature of the engine .

• Keeps the motor and the engine bearing clean.

• Helps preventing the formation of carbon and corrosion.

• Prevents the formation of deposits (sediment) with high thermal conductivity.

• Provides reduction in CO2 emissions .

• Prevents first start up corrosion in cold and hot weather with excellent protection characteristic.

• Provides excellent resistance to high temperature and pressure, thereby prevens deterioration in the structure of the oil .

• Prevents erosion and friction .

• Reduces Turbo-shaft warming up, extends the life of the turbo.2345

• Even in the most difficult conditions, protection and lubrication is maintained.


• Before using 101 BORON NANO TECHNOLOGY, shake thoroughly 2 minutes to ensure even distribution of boron crystals.

• Add 101 BORON NANO TECHNOLOGY into the engine oil.

• After added, run your vehicle at least 10 minutes or drive 10 km.

• 101 BORON NANO TECHNOLOGY can be used in all turbo or non-turbo 4-stroke Gasoline, Diesel and LPG engines.

• 101 BORON NANO TECHNOLOGY is competible with all mineral, semi- synthetic and synthetic oils.

• 1 box 265ml 101 BORON NANO TECHNOLOGY is enough for the vehicle takes 5-8 lt.oil.

• Fort he vehicle takes more than 8 lt. the proper rate is 7% of the amount of oil used.

• Appropriate for using in ” 0” km. vehicles and Lifterl vehicles Suitable fort he Four Seasons.



10 Ağustos 2016
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